Some call online ads annoying We call them unlawful

Every second of the day, online ad systems break the law to steal our intimate personal data, violating our privacy rights. Let’s remind MEPs that the EU has the power to #StopStalkerAds in new legislation — and urgently needs to stop industry lobbyists from making ads even worse.

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Online ads are stalking you

Behind every online ad lies a vast, hidden network of companies stalking your data. What you may not know is that hundreds — even thousands — of companies capture your personal data, even when you don’t see their ads.

Your “likes” and posts are just the beginning. Nearly everything you say, see and do online is seized and exploited. That includes information like:

  • Your browsing habits
  • Your sexual preferences
  • Your political beliefs
  • Your location
  • Information about your devices

This intimate information is used to create sophisticated profiles about you so they can sell you more stuff.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created to give people powerful rights over their data and to force companies into strict consent requirements for data collection.

But every day online advertising systems are trampling these laws and violating privacy rights.

Stop stalker ads

The European Parliament originally intended to pass a new e-Privacy Regulation together with the GDPR to prevent advertisers from abusing our personal data.

But nearly three years after GDPR became law, the e-Privacy Regulation STILL hasn’t passed — and is UNDER ATTACK.

The advertising industry and the EU Council are seeking to make online ads worse, not better.

MEPs must demand that the ePrivacy Regulation defends our privacy by:

30 human & digital rights organisations sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament calling on them to ban unlawful tracking & surveillance in online advertising.

Now it's your turn. Use the tool below to tell your MEPs to stand up for ePrivacy and #StopStalkerAds.

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Let’s remind MEPs that the new ePrivacy Regulation needs protecting!

Note: This select list of technology and rights focused MEPs may not contain all MEPs in your country.

Privacy is our fundamental right. This is why I ask you as my MEP to help us #StopStalkerAds & stand up for #ePrivacy.

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